City Council - District 6 - Paul Kashmann

Denver Ordinance - Dogs Must Be on Leash

All dogs must be on leash when  you are walking them within the neighborhood.

Please also kindly pick up after your dogs and please do not leave "doggie do" bags on our streets.

STREET CLOSURES- May 6-Jul 20, 2019

8th Ave and Colorado Blvd Lane Closures. As part of the ongoing redevelopment at 9+CO, on Monday, May 6th, Continuum will begin closing the north lane of west bound 8th Avenue from Bellaire Street to Colorado Blvd and the east lane for north bound Colorado Blvd from 8th Avenue to 9th Avenue. A barrier wall will be in place while the existing curb, gutter, and sidewalk are demolished. After demo, the streets will be widened, and new stormwater utilities will be installed, as well as new curb, gutter, and sidewalks. Lane closures should be removed by mid-July with all work completed July 20. 


Zoning Committee has been formed to address overlay and other zoning issues that impact Winston Downs. Anyone interested in joining this committee, please send email of interest with your contact information to

City Council - District 5 - Mary Beth Susman

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