Denver Ordinance - Dogs Must Be on Leash

All dogs must be on leash when  you are walking them within the neighborhood. Please also kindly pick up after your dogs! 

Free Technology Classes for Adults 60 and Older

Includes how to use computers, tablets, social media such as FaceBook and other connecting sites, surfing the Internet safely and much more.

For information, please contact Senior Planet at 303.218.7320 or by Email at

Snow Removal

Denver ordinances require that all residential sidewalks be cleared of snow within 24 hours. Fines from the City may apply if not done.  Please let us know if you need help with snow removal or a paid source to contact to do this for you.

Next Board Meeting - Feb 19 2019

February 18, 2019 at BMH-BJ Congregation, 560 S. Monaco Pkwy

(Free parking and HC access behind the building)

Porch Pirates

Even though holidays are past, we still have reports of theft of packages from front porches. Visual technology alarm systems such as and Cop Cam sometimes deter these thefts.  Please report any incidents to 911.

Denver Municipal Elections - May 7, 2019

Denver Mayor is up for election. There are a dozen candidates running this year.

Winston Downs has two city council districts (5, 6). Both positions are up for election. 

Ballots will be mailed from the City on April 15

WDCA will advise via email blasts (to those signed up to receive them) where candidate forums will be held. Forums will also be broadcast by Denver TV8.

WD Neighbor Receives "Neighborhood Star" Award from Inter Neighborhood Cooperation

Anne Callison, long-time WD resident received the award for her efforts related to the Fairmount Cemetery liquor and dance license applications last year. She researched the pro's/cons which permitted informed decisions by impacted residents.

City Council - District 6 - Paul Kashmann

City Council - District 5 - Mary Beth Susman

Winston Downs Community association

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