If you missed the sessions hosted by WDCA about Conservation Overlay applications and what it is about, you are welcome to attend a special forum hosted by Denver's Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, Saturday November 9, 2019 at the Sam Gary Library (2961 Roslyn St, Denver, CO 80238) in Stapleton from 9am-11am.  Coffee and light snacks served. Please note this is a citywide discussion and is not attached to Winston Downs specificially.

WDCA Board meeting

Tuesday November 19, 2019, BMH Synagogue, 560 S Monaco Pkwy.  7:00pm-8:30pm

WDCA Zoning Committee Meeting- TBD​​​


Newsletter content - Help build content for newsletters either by writing or gathering/compiling
Newsletter Delivery- We need walkers and able bodied residents to help deliver our quarterly newsletters!

Social Events - Lead and build ideas for neighborhood social events to build unity within the community

Traffic Mitigation - Any interested in leading and introducing ideas for traffic mitigation

Neighborhood Cleanup - Any interested in helping keep our neighborhood streets free of trash

Send email to info@winstondowns.org with area of interest and how to contact you.

Zoning Issues-Any interested in zoning changes impacting our neighborhood please contact info@winstondowns.org


Our Annual Meeting is held the third week of April unless it coincides with holidays.  All residents are invited.  Board members are elected at this meeting each year. Board terms are two years. There are no term limits.


Winston Downs Community association